What to Expect:


Kambo is usually served early in the day to support the fasting requirements. A Health History and Liability Release and a phone consultation would be the first steps. Be honest about any issues you may have, this is for your benefit.

 The contra-indications must be respected. Do not attempt Kambo if it is contra-indicated for you. The entire process takes about an hour or two. It is advised to not have anything scheduled for the rest of the day, just relax. 

 It is best to wear loose fitting clothing, bring warm layers and an extra set of clothing, any pillows or blankets you may desire and a yoga mat to lay on. Also, bring 2 liters of plain water. NOT alkaline or other types of water, just plain water which you will drink just prior to the Kambo. This water will act as a carrier for the toxins which will purge from your system, usually within 20 to 40 minutes.

 If you have asthma, bring your inhaler, if you have use for an Epipen, bring it. 

This work is sacred and very healing, please be as prepared as possible. 



Kambo is very safe when administered by a properly trained practitioner. However, Kambo is not for everyone. There are some conditions for which Kambo is contraindicated.

 It is important to do your research beforehand. Also, only work with a properly trained Kambo practitioner. 

Kambo is a very powerful substance, great care should be taken for those considering it. There are some health considerations that contraindicate the use of Kambo. These individuals should not receive Kambo. 

DO NOT use Kambo if you:

  • Have serious heart problems
    or have had heart surgery (Stents are fine)
  • Have had a stroke or a brain hemorrhage
  • Have a pacemaker  (implanted defibrillator)
  • Are on medication for low blood pressure
  • Have an aneurysm or blood clot(s)
  • Lack the mental capacity to make the decision to receive Kambo
  • Have serious mental health problems
    (excluding depression, PTSD and anxiety)
  • Are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy (radiation)
  • Have ever had an organ transplant
  • Have Addison’s Disease
  • Have current and severe epilepsy
  • Are recovering from a major surgical procedure
  • Are under 18 years old
  • Are pregnant, or may be
  • Currently breast-feeding child under 12-months old.



There are some cautions to consider. If you have any of the following conditions, you may still receive Kambo but you will need to take some precautionary measures.

 You must inform your practitioner if any of these cautions should be considered:

  • People taking immune-suppressants for auto immune disorders
  • Women undergoing fertility treatment
  • Serious eating disorders
  • Active drug or alcohol addiction
  • People taking regular doses of slimming/diet pills, serotonin or sleeping supplements (prescription sleeping aids, or “natural” sleep supplements)  
  • People who have fasted for 7 days before Kambo (long term or water fasting)  
  • Colonics, enemas, liver flushes or any water based  detox should be avoided 7-days on either side of of sitting with Kambo
  • Anyone who has consumed 5-Meo-DMT(Bufo / Toad Medicine) in the last 6-weeks  
  • Anyone who has consumed other phycoactive substances within 24 hours prior to receiving Kambo
  • People who plan to use the sauna or practice “hot yoga” 3-days before (or after) Kambo.

It is also important to Disclose any of the following prior receiving Kambo:

  • If you’re taking or have recently stopped taking any medications
  • If you’re taking or have recently stopped taking any diet/slimming pills
  • If you’re regularly taking anti-diuretic medication or sports drinks
  • If you have ever been, or are currently bulimic or anorexic
  • If you’re epileptic
  • If you have abnormally high or low blood pressure
  • If you have liver or kidney problems
  • If you have any chronic or serious health issues
  • If you have asthma (BRING INHALER)
  • If you have diabetes (BRING INSULIN)


Kambo is one of the strongest, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anesthetic substances on the planet.  It is being studied for its effects on various types of cancer and for use in anti-biotic resistant strains of bacteria.  There is anecdotal evidence and regular use amongst the tribal women to assist overcoming infertility.



Phyllomedusin – strongly affects intestines, bowels and contributes to deep purging of toxins.Phyllokinin and Phyllomedusin – both potent vessel dilators, increasing the permeability of the blood-brain barrier.Caerulein and Sauvagine – cause a fall in blood pressure accompanied by tachycardia, stimulating the adrenal cortex and the pituitary gland and contributing to heightened sensory perception and increased stamina.  These peptides have a strong analgesic effect, enhance endurance, increase physical strength, and in general, enhance the capacity to manage physical pain and stress.  They possess medical uses as digestive aids, and have demonstrated analgesic effects for those with renal colic, pain due to peripheral vascular insufficiency and cancer.Dermorphin and Deltorphin are potent opioid peptides 4000 times stronger than morphine and 40 times stronger than endogenic b-endorphines.Adenoregulin, discovered in the 1990’s by John Daly’s team at the National Institute of Health in the USA.  The dermaseptins group, including Adenoregulin, are part of a family of broad spectrum antimicrobial peptides involved in the defense of the naked skin of frogs against microbial invasion. These are the first vertebrate peptides to show lethal effects against the filamentous fungi responsible for severe opportunistic infections accompanying immunodeficiency syndrome and the use of immunosuppressive agents.  Adenoregulin works in the human body through the adenosine receptors, a fundamental component in all human fuel cells.  These receptors offer a target for treating depression, stroke seizures and cognitive loss ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease. Scientific research on the various peptides of Kambo are opening up new perspectives on how the human brain works.    See article: http://journal.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fphar.2014.00105/full.The bioactive peptides and neuropeptides present in Kambo cover a wide range of potential health uses including:

  • depression
  • migraines
  • blood circulation problems
  • vascular insufficiency
  • organ diseases
  • skin and eyes issues
  • fertility problems
  • AID’s
  • hepatitis
  • cancer
  • brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Other interesting properties include Kambo’s anti-inflammatory effects and its capacity to destroy various types of microbes and viruses.  Recent studies have shown that Kambo contains multiple antimicrobial peptides effective against drug-resistant strains of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, parasites and virus. This is exciting news for the development of new and more efficient therapies able to treat antibiotic-resistant strains of infectious diseases.Several years of research conducted at the University of Paris have shown the peptide Dermaseptin B2 to be very effective at killing certain types of cancer cells.  Research at Queens University in Belfast recently won a prestigious award for their ground breaking work with cancer and Kambo. Here is a link to some of the research on the Dermaseptin B2:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3447859/.More on Dermasptin B2 at this link: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/231743136_Antitumor_and_Angiostatic_Activities_of_the_Antimicrobial_Peptide_Dermaseptin_B2.For anyone wishing additional information, the peptide families present in Kambo includes:

  • bradykinins (phyllokinin)
  • tachykinins (phyllomedusin)
  • caerulein
  • sauvagine
  • tryptophyllins,
  • dermorphins,
  • deltorphins
  • bombesins
  • andenoregulin